Sketch before you start designing 2019 and 2020 (My Tips and Process)

Hi, Many of us think a lot about designing right. When your boss suddenly comes and gives you a task to make a dashboard or flyer it's urgent, you want to die(Some think). We face this challenge a lot of times, now I want to share my solution to make it super easy for you.

  • First never fear, you are the designer here not them.
  • Take a book and a pen or pencil.
  • Type the keywords in Google example "sales dashboard UI".
  • You will find many screens on google. Take note of headings in some good looking screens, find common names, note it and tick mark in your book which is repeating.

Another method
  • Type in google "What does sales dashboard contain?"
  • You will get some answers like "Key Performance Indicator (KPI)"
  • Learn the topic which is your task. Understand it well, then sketch in notes. The dashboard is a quick snapshot of the overall application with quick action buttons.
  • Once you have understood the term "Sales dashboard"
  • Download the selected dashboard samples and sketch them in your notes. Tweek them and make them look easy to understand, keep top priority KPI at top. Make 3 to 4 designs and show it to your boss so he can see the only solutions, not colors, this will be very easy and quick.
  • Unless your boss is ok don't start coloring. Use Adobe XD to start your prototype then, make actions and animations. Think as constructing a house, painting is done at the last stage.

In India, many companies need designs in 2 hour or a max of 3 hours. This solution is super fast and reliable.

My Paper Sketching

But the UX process in companies like google is cool and awesome. We need to learn the design process as well. When I did my UX course form LYNDA, it was amazing and fun.

The 5 phases of Google’s Design Sprint:


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