How i became a multi skill UI/UX Designer in IT field ? (My Story and Tips)

Hi, I am Akash(from India, you can google me: akash02designer). By the way that is not me in the pic, but I always dream to be like that. First, we will talk about what is multi-skill some say as full-stack. Full-stack means a person who can develop both client and server software.

I have passed out my Engineering in 2009. But in my Engineering I have started with 3D Max(Animation tool), then with HTML, CSS, JQuery, and further. Slowly I learned the subjects which can make a dynamic website (All from YOUTUBE).

I started my blogs in early 2011 and experiments with colors, layouts, and SEO. This boosted me to understand how a blog works. Then slowly about the website.

Time is everything, I used it very well to become PRO. I am not a perfect PRO but I can create a website from scratch to finish with DB.

Now, UX is not UI this I understood when I did my research in 2015. UX is cool and awesome which I really loved it. UX is a user experience where we have to understand the problem first very clearly. I watched a ton of youtube videos to improve myself in UX. My Portfolio (Click here).

What I learned in UX?
  • Focus on the problem
  • Create a story of the problem
  • Explain it to the team with a story
  • Explore ideas with the team
  • Do some survey on problems, so we can validate
  • Sketching which is fast and fun
  • Using prototype tools
  • Understanding minimalistic 
What I learned in life?
  • Humble
  • Should be smart
  • Learn to care for others
  • Passive Income
This is my paper art which I practice every day

The above camera is an illusion of simple objects. Click here to know the secret.

Everything I do is from my heart. I love to do and share my knowledge. Try to do something fun and enjoyable, mistakes will happen but try. Do you want to join my facebook and get tips? Click here

Coming to my other UX works, I have learned to make dashboards, web and mobile applications, here are my top tips for the dashboard.

1. Space utilization
2. No legends direct visual
3. No lines to pie chart direct visual
4. Quick Insights
5. Data and action buttons on the same screen
6. Single page design with no scroll
7. A quick snapshot of overall application
8. Balance the colors
9. Card model will be always best
10. Don't use hover effects. It will affect in a tablet device.

So we have talked about the professional way of doing UX but frankly, many companies don't follow it except few. But this will improve our designing process and increase profits. If you create a business of your own then you will understand the importance of UX.

What tools I use for my work?
Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate cc.

I hope you have learned something from me. Thank you, have a great day.
(Google me: akash02designer)
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