UX Tips in real time

Here are the few UX Tips which i learned.

1. In a screen less is best.
Resource : Medium

2. A happy statement or correct grammar makes everyone smile.(Example :- Thank you, Welcome, Exciting offer statements)
Resource: uploads

3. Animation will make them reuse your app. But don't put too much animation, processing will become slow.

4. Highlight only what is call to action (Example:- Send button), make sure it is fitting to finger tip when comes to mobile UI.

"I used a wave like animation to get more attention on a particular record (I kept it small)"

5. Breadcrum UI is always a good navigation.
Resource: Medium

6. Choose or create any one standard color theme(Example:- Material Design, flat, Color Transition)

7. Accordions will help in reducing scroll
Resource: Codemyui

8. Reduce tapping or number of clicks for a simple transaction.

9. Make wireframe and check in device to reduce cost and time.
10. Start and iterate wireframes to get best structure. Think like building a house.
11. Do not confuse customers, give them what they need in fast way.
 Example:- Mobile recharge with 10$, digital wallet plays a major role or using a saved credit card details in app.

12. Paper sketching always helped me alot to quickly identify problem and create solution to it.
13. Mockplus and Adobe XD are my favorite tools to create a prototype.

10 Essential Tips

1. Know your audience

2. Be a Good User

3. Use of Typography

4. Avoid excessive scrolling

5. Content Copy Matters

6. Responsive Design

7. UI Testing and Improvement

8. Seek Inspiration

9. Effective management of team dynamics

10. Keep it Simple

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