What is a component in Adobe XD and how to use that component ? (Adobe XD tutorial 2019)

Component is a very good feature in Adobe XD. It is a master component. For example, it is like parent and child concept. If you change anything in parent it will also effect in child.


Step 1: Create a button with "Edit" in iPhone X by using "Rectangle" (shortcut - R) shape from left tool bar. Add Text "Edit" (shortcut - T).

Step 2: Now group both text and button, select the button and right click on the button.

Step 3: Select "Make Component"

Step 4: It will change to green with a outline. That means it is a "Master Component"

Step 5: Now we will make another artboard and copy the "Edit" button from 1st screen. Paste in 2nd screen.

Step 6: Double click on 1st button and change the color, vola u can see the same change on 2nd screen.

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