Most important UI/UX Designer interview questions 2019 and 2020

Basic UI/UX Interview questions
0.Tell Me About Yourself?
1.How Do You Define UX? Diff b/w UI and UX ?
2.What’s Your Design Process?
3.How Does UX Differ From Other Design Disciplines?
4.What Made You Go Into UX Design?
5.Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Intermediate level UX Questions
1.Show Me Your Portfolio ?
2.Take Me Through a Couple of Your Favorite Pieces in Your Portfolio ? (or) Tell us about your most (or least) successful UX design project ?
3.What Was Your Design Process for These Pieces?
4.Where do you go for UX design inspiration?
5.How do you hand over your designs to the developers?

Other Questions
1.What are your strengths?
2.What are your weaknesses?
3.Why should I hire you?
4.Where do you see yourself in five years?
5.Why are you leaving your current role?