10 LOGIN UI KIT (XD File + Icons + Backgrounds) Mobile App

  • 10 LOGIN UI KIT (Adobe XD File + Icons + Backgrounds)
  • Andriod and iPhone X
  • Social Icons and Line Icons (SVG)
  • Colorful Backgrounds
  • ADOBE XD is free online starter pack

iPhone X UI KIT, Flat Backgrounds and more find below link:

Design Structure & Micro Interactions
One of the key thing of login screen is to attract the customers with small micro interaction and animations.

Example:- In 3rd "Mobile App" screen from above, a man is pulling the handle of login once we click on login button. In 5th "Mobile App" screen, 3D ball will rotate once we login.
We need to make something new with design structure. So i experimented first with multiple structures then i added colors. In future we will have some new structures for home page.

Article 1 about Micro Interactions

Article 2 about Micro Interactions

We can see many buildings have various shapes and design structures, why can't a mobile app.

Example of Design Structure: