My UX Design Process


1. Strategy/Define

UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want 

2. Research (Contextual Enquiry, User interviews, Surveys, Analytics)

UX Research: Practical Techniques for Designing Better Products

3. Analysis (Persona, Storyboard, Scenarios, Synthesis)

4. Design

How my User Centric Design story starts:
I choose a domain, for example food. Then i find apps for it example restaurant finder. Download it and research on it. I also see reviews in google play store, Youtube, facebook and other articles. Most imp i ask specific people about apps directly (User interviews).

This is where i collect problems from users. Most of them say sign in problem when i open app. Most of the apps don't learn about food habits. Search takes more than 10 secs. Font size where elders can't see. Colour visibility in hot sun. Eye catching comparison of two restaurants in a list. Lot of food delivery issues.

Now, with this i can solve the problems.

My app work flow starts here to make a restaurant finder app.

In design phase (4th one in UX Process)

Sketching--> Wireframe--> Prototype-->Feedback-->Visual Design

-I start with my sketching work (always share your knowledge with the team and listen first)

-Create peaces of ideas with wireframe for 1 problem.

-Then i work on quick prototype (Mockplus) and share it to my friends or team.

-Feedback for my prototype is super fast. So i know where i am going.

-I iterate my prototype until people love my solution. I send to various countries like Bulgaria, China, Canada and i also find out is solution fixed?

-Come on its fun to do it.. i made so many friends from Behance. God bless them.

-Once my prototype is fixed and problems are solved. Then i add things which delight user (eg:- greeting, cute animation effect, extra features and so on).

-Usability Testing matters here (Moderated remote, tool- WebEx)

-Then i move to Adobe Kuler for colours.

-For best visual designs in Photoshop CS6.

[ MY GOAL:- Build a ultimate UX product and increase profits of a company ]


When it comes to design thinking, i RESEARCH first then i think of home page next.  Home of a app or web page. I focus on creating abstract of list of content.

For example look at a book. A book has so many pages with lot of content. In order to understand what book has? we will see title of book first then only we will see index page.

So think now what is an abstract ?

Abstract = a summary of some speech or article or book 

I use abstract in every app (following mental models) mostly.

Other design thinking includes:

1. Delight with greetings (Hello, Good morning, animation, transitions etc)

2. Simple and Clean (How many secs it takes to load a screen or page ? KISS Rule(keep it simple stupid))

3. Easy Navigation (How many pages or screens? how many secs it takes to navigate ?)

4. Important first (Notice or Offer or call to action)

5. Highlight the important buttons (Buy or Select or Done, etc)

6. Saving filter options until user reset.

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