Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hello, I am Akash and i am a UI/UX Designer

Hai and Hello :) Welcome to my UX blog

I am Akash K from India, i have 3 years of experience in UI/UX designing field. I came from a developer background (1 year exp). I have done certification in UX designing from LYNDA. Is certification necessary ? "NO" it's not necessary. I did because i am a research type of Guy. I do lot of research  from professional videos and articles and i post it in my facebook page. I have my portfolio Behance.

My capabilities: - To solve a problem in a product with user centric design process. 

I also create innovative startup ideas 2018 for people and help students. I believe in helping one another makes a great day. 

Q & A

1. What is this blog about ? 
A. Information about my UX design works, UI UX design course, UX Jobs, UX Salary and Vectors and Icons.

2. What is UX Design ?
A. Remember UI and UX are different. UX is about user experience where you make a product usable and delightful. It includes principles and methods which are like eg:- World cafe, Usability testing, etc.

3. Can you tell me what i will do as a UX Designer ?
A. You will be doing User Interviews, User Stories, Personas, Wireframes, Prototypes based on company. In my company i do Persona, Sketching, Wireframes, prototypes and Visual Design also.

4. Is it difficult to do this JOB ?
A.It's not difficult, if you love these things: Drawing, Invention, Problem Solving with ideas, Animation, team work.

5. What is the salary for UX designer ?
A. $40K to $50K (It depends on country)

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