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What is Ionic ? and how to install

Ionic to help web developers build great mobile apps and web apps in a way that felt just like building websites.

Languages for coding: HTML 5, CSS3 , Angular 1 or 2 ,Ionic html code blocks
DB: Firebase or SQLLite or CouchDb or anyother

There are two versions
Ionic v1 and Ionic v2
Latest is Ionic 2 beta
Now we will talk about how to install Ionic 2
Install Node js
(x86 for 32 bit)

Ionic installation

Now open cmd prompt
and type 
cd c:\
then type

npm install -g ionic cordova


Its time to create a blank project for app

Check the files in present directory by typing command


Create a directory

mkdir myapp

Now to change directory to myapp

cd myapp

Now create blank ionic 2 template (make sure folder is empty)

ionic start ionic_proj_1 blank --v2

Error: If you get error 
Install GIT from the link--


Now change directory to ionic_proj_1

cd ionic_proj_1

Ok we have successfully!! created our 1st ionic 2 blank template

As you are inside the c:/myapp/ionic_proj_1 directory let us test the project.

Type command

ionic serve --lab

If you want to run in firefox or other browser

ionic serve --lab --f firefox

Useful commands:

cls :- clear screen
ionic info :- ionic version
npm :- node installed or not
node --version :- Node version
npm uninstall cordova ionic :- Remove ionic cordova ( after that use- npm cache clean -f )

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