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Always pray and share happiness with others. Life is a mist we don't know when life will end. 

Hello there :) I am Akash. I always focus on balancing life. With Lord our mighty God.. nothing is impossible. When God can create air, water, and food for us... humans, why not our life with happiness.

I have created a Facebook page to spread happiness in Christ. If you are reading this God bless friend.

Never worry you are alone with a lot of problems. Try to pray with your heart now. Learn to talk to God. Remove pride and create humbleness. Join the page and become friends.

We are not talking about religion.. we are talking about humanity.. to bring peace in Life. You know I never expect anything from others... I work hard and help others.

Well... I thought of sharing good. When I talk of friendship what comes in our mind? Can you share?
I have a definition.

Let us be different