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Job oppurtunity for CSE engineering students


Hello there!! How are you?
I am Akash K from Vizag, India (More about me). Today we will talk about 3 worlds in CSE.
(World means it's huge)

First, who am I?
I am a UI/UX designer.

What are UI and UX?
UI(User Interface) is about the color and fonts of an app or a website.
UX(User experience) is about understanding who will use the app and how he will use the app or website. 

CSE (Computer Science and Engineering)

It is divided into Software and Hardware

Now we will talk about 3 worlds in CSE (Software ). These are main 

1. Designing
2. Coding
3. Testing

So now which world I am from?
Yes, Designing :) Creative and fun

We have jobs in every world. I mean those 3. For example in designing
1. Graphic Designer
2. Web designer
3. UI Designer
4. UX designer
5. Digital artist
6. Interior designer
7. Game designer
So on..

There are many... in the designing world. As you can see there are many mobile apps around you. So as jobs too. The company need people from those 3 worlds.

So now let us take a mobile app.

Youtube app is made by first designing, then coding the next Testing. So as you can see 3 worlds are included in creating a mobile app.

In a small startup company, there are 3 people in designing, 4-5 people in coding and 2 to 3 people as testers. It depends on the company.

Again now I belong to the designing part. 

Software Project/Game Project is made through
1. Gathering Requirements
2. Analysis
3. Designing
4. Coding/Implementation
5. Testing/Verification

So you can find a job in Designing or Coding or testing. It's your choice. 

If you are looking for a job in designing field or world. You are most welcome. This blog speaks about designing. 

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Google me: akash02designer


Can you talk about job titles in the other 2 worlds?

Yes of course!

2nd world talks about coding. You have jobs as
1. developer
2. Php developer
3. Node developer
4. Web developer
5. UI developer
6. Java Developer
7. Ruby and Rails Developer
So on...

3rd world talks about Testing. You have jobs like
1. Software Tester
2. Game Tester
3. Administrative Tester
4. Testing Specialist
5. Automation Testing Engineer 
So on..

Which is best for me?
You need to understand.. it by yourself. By thinking of your hobbies and daily actions.

-You like thinking logic, maths, calculations, and numbers then go for Coding or developing (2nd world).

-If you like creative, drawing, art, designs, colors and sculptures then go for Designing (1st world).

-If you more into the test, want to know how it is running or how it got error or problems then go for testing (3rd world).

Should I choose based on a high salary?
Never do that, I too thought of the same when I came out of CSE. I am specialized in 7 different technologies.

But I lacked growth in my career because I don't like the work where I don't have the interest. This will strike your mind only when your working.

Your goal is very important. Focus on 1 which interests you most. Take a book and write all your hobbies and daily actions.


What about HARDWARE ??
Oh yes! I also did hardware and networking for 6 months. (I was a fool haha :) blindly without a goal) 

Hardware is all about touching the physical objects. The software you cannot touch. So you will deal with cables, wires, boxes, routers, switches, cabinet, Chips, components so on..

It's about consoles, big servers, Electronics.

Now, what jobs we have?

application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design engineer
capacity planner, network
capacity planning analyst
computer engineer
computer engineer (except software)
computer hardware engineer
computer systems engineer
computer telecommunications specialist
data communications specialist
engineer, computer hardware
engineer, hardware
engineer, network systems

So on......

What I teach?
I teach both UX design and Graphic Design

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You can also see my works here


Google me: akash02designer