Top 5 Intro Maker Free Software Online Tools for your YouTube Videos in 2021

FREE Startup Ideas 2018

HARD PLASTIC TILE concept (Easy to assemble into any form)

DRONES AND WILDFIRE concept (Protects from fire)

GOOD ROOMMATE APP concept (Choose good roommate for good life)

POLLUTION FREE HELMET concept (Better health better life)

PRICPOND Mobile app 
(Know price of product or repair or service in other country)

HOT & COLD MINI Portable fridge
(Easy to carry anywhere)

Look at society and find out the problems, try to solve them with simple things. Example how can i have portable chair which i carry in my bag. Think crazy. 
This will be most needed when you travel and you don't have place to sit.

Try to solve problem like removing stress from employees. Think a way to give them peace.

Try to solve problem for elders who can't get help from there own children.